Kiosk User Guide

Reduce wait times and streamline check out process with semi-attended kiosks that enables customers to place orders, process payments and print receipts.

Swesti Kiosk


Set up Category and Receipt settings

Kiosk Mode

Select items and place order


Pay for the order


Print receipt per the Receipt settings


Under  the setting, there are two options that can be set

    1. Category Mode : The user can either select a specific category for which the items will be displayed during checkout or can choose All Categories which allows the customer to select the category and the items under that during the check out process
    2. Receipt Mode :  The user can set printing a Order Receipt, Payment Receit or Both. If the Order Receipt is selected, after payment, the order receipt will be printed and if Payment Receipt is selected, then the Payment Receipt will be printed and if Both is selected, then both the Order and Payment receipt will be printed after the payment is completed.


The Kiosk Mode has the following operation flow and options.

    1. Start order : The customer is presented with the Start Order screen and on clicking the Start Order, the customer will be taken to the Check out screen
    2. Check out : In the check out screen, the customer can selet the item and add them to the cart. The items can be also edited or removed from the cart by pressing the edit icon in the cart. After adding the items, the customer can click the Pay button to pay for the items


Payment : Payment shall be collected from the payment screen after clicking Pay button from the Check out screen. The customer shall insert / swipe the card to complete the payment.


Once payment is completed, the system shall automatically print the receipt per the Receipt settings.

    1. Order Receipt: This setting prints only the order / kitchen receipt
    2. Payment Receipt : This setting prints only the payment receipt
    3. Both: This setting prints both the order and payment receipt

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